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tv   [untitled]    September 24, 2013 11:30am-12:01pm PDT

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at the transport and 10 merchandise as the planning authority member. ms. chang lead the county of transportation plan in 2004 in support of the propose k local sapgs. she oversaw the planning program that includes the 25 year transportation blue print called the san francisco transportation plan. she oversaw the cities transportation plan and coordinated with many departments with the regional transportation plan and lastly spearheaded policies and this included congestion policies and station and corridor station
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studies and san francisco full featured bus rapid buzz projects. thank you mary and wiener and campos and others and on behalf of the board i want to congratulate ms. chang on her achievement. i look forward to working with you. and we'll go into closed session as the authorities new executive director and we'll not take too long and report any action reported in closed session and take any action required. so we can now get the room ready for closed session >> public comment. >> oh, yes, we should have
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public comment on our closed session so we're now opening is it up for - we'll open up inform public comment you can come to the podium. >> good morning again commissioners aim jackie i've known maria and gloria chang. i appreciate all the work that maria has done but i also worked with till lion the - for many years on the 5 year plan four-year plan being before you every few years.
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and i strongly support her as the executive director and i appreciate all the work that maria has done i know you're not going to be a stranger i know we'll see more of you interest thank you very much >> thank you and next speaker please. will - 0 do we have the other microphone? >> good morning. i just want to say a few words of kindness to maria and also to the new transportation director. since i've been on the board and
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been the voice chair helping people with disabilities i certainly appreciate marias help when i had some problems about going into the hospital and also i want to thank very much the - for till i didn't see support help when i was told that i wasn't going to the hospital but eventually i will be and i want to say thank you very much to both of the directors for their support, their hope and they're kindness towards me. thank you very much >> thank you. any other member of the public would like to commit.
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we'll close public comment and will be going into closed
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